Childhood Memories

I was looking back the other day at photographs and childhood memories came flooding back to me. So I thought I would do a top 10 list of my favourite childhood memories (up to 10).

  1. Seeing my little sister for the first time
  2. Going crab catching in New Brighton
  3. Going on muddy walks in big lake
  4. Playing chippy in nans back garden
  5. Sleepovers at Uncle Andy’s and Auntie Carol’s(we did so much fun them nights)
  6. Our holiday’s in Majorca
  7. Going to the caravan
  8. Watching videos we shouldn’t (yes it was before DVD’s were out and it was mostly Austin Powers we watched)
  9. Running down stairs to see if Santa had brought us presents (I still wish I thought Santa was real)
  10. Playing in the wendy house

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