Have you heard of autism?

When girls found out I had Asperger’s Syndrome, they would ask what is it? I’d tell them it was a part of the autistic spectrum. To which they would stare back at me with even more confusion on their face. No pupil in school has ever known what autism was without me explaining it to them.

But they all have known what AIDS, diabetes and cancer are.

Yet more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined.

How come most people have heard about AIDS, diabetes and cancer. Yet barely anyone knows about autism. I just get annoyed I mean to get me wrong I feel lucky that I don’t have AIDS, diabetes or cancer. But I get upset that I don’t get supported and  I am sick of people being horrible to me just because they don’t know about Aspergers.

There needs to be more awareness and fundraising to help people with autism and their family.


One thought on “Have you heard of autism?

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