So today’s the start of Wimbledon, I don’t tend to watch it much just the odd few matches. But if there’s an important gamed (like the men’s final with Andy Murray in) then I will. I understand the scoring in tennis just not all that set stuff. Another reason I like it is it makes me feel proud to be British (I know I’m a bit patriotic). 

But Wimbledon is not the only game I’ll watch that I don’t understand fully. I also watched the rugby on Saturday. I didn’t understand what was going on but I was more focused on men in tight clothes. I did click on that we were the lions and the Australian’s were the wallabies. I also really got into the game cheering and shouting at the ref. I took it that when the fans in the stadium were cheering then it was bad for us because they were Australian. And that when the commentators were happy it was good for us because they British and Irish.

The sport that I love has to be football. I love sitting down watching a game and shouting at the ref. And cheering on Everton (the best team in the world). I love going out with my dad to go and watch England playing in the World Cup (btw the last one we shouldn’t have lost because them goals were not over the line) even though most of them end up with us losing.

I’ve got to say I also love the Olympics. Sadly I never got to go to London to say any of it. But I do remember being sat in the living room with the family watching super Saturday. Now I’m looking forward to see the Olympics in Brazil.


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