BLACKOUT (sort of)

So today there was a major power cut, that cut loads of places in Merseyside off. Sadly we were one of the places affected. It was that bad that you couldn’t even get phone signal. Thankfully it only lasted for just over an hour, but me and my sister were worried because we were home alone and we couldn’t find out any information since the whole area had been cut off and we couldn’t contact anyone who was far enough away to have power.  It was so scary being so isolated everywhere was shut and everyone was indoors. When you tried to use your phone it made some weird noise, I honestly started panicing thinking it was  an alien invasion. (I really need to stop listening to Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds in the car). I’m just grateful it was during a summer day as it meant we didn’t need to worry about the lights, because if we did I’m pretty sure me and my sister would have burnt the house down. 

It was really wierd to see how much society depends on electricity. We couldn’t use anything that was power by electricity unless it was powered by batteries (which is not much). We had to go searching through the loft for a board game and the only thing we could find was chess. Shops were all shut. It was scary to see how we are to reliant on electricity now considering what it was like 150 years ago.

I later found out that it was caused by a fault in two seperate power lines. It affected the areas withe the following postcodes: L12, L13, L14, L16, L27, L28, L34, L35 and L36.  Over 10,000 homes had no power apparently.

Anyway if there’s one thing I have learnt is to always keep reading materials in the house (that I haven’t read). Keep board games and full decks of cards in easy reach.

Oh and I also learnt I can make letters using a stapler. 🙂


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