One final push…

So tomorrow I’m taking part a race for life. For those who don’t know the race for life is a women only marathon set by cancer research UK. All money raised goes towards raising money for the over 200 types of Cancer. This means that I’ve got 1 day to get sponsor money and 1 day left to prepare.

I just went checking on the BBC to see what the weather will be like in the area tomorrow. On  the plus side my family can get a sun tan while watching me. On the downside I’ve got to run in what is unbelievably warm weather for us.Image

I’m doing the race in memory of two of my great nans who I had the pleasure of meeting but both died from cancer.


So far I’ve raised £40, just £10 of my target. For £50 Cancer research can buy 22 specail thermometers vital for cancer fight experiments. Cancer Research UK can also buy 1500 slides to examine tumor samples.

I’ll update tomorrow on how it went and I’ll post pictures.




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