Why is there a good in goodbye?

Today was the end of an era, a youth club I attend for young people with AS shut. This place is not just a youth club I consider everyone there, both staff and young people, as my family. Although I will still see some of them it will never be the same on a Tuesday. I’ll miss all the laughs, the residentials, the project, that old freezing building, I’ll miss it all. Thankfully I have memories that I will I treasure for a lifetime, memories to help me through. I’ll try to think of the good times when I’m feeling low, looking back through my photo album.

Thankfully there is going to be another project funded in a different building run by the staff for the group of younger people with AS and I’ve been asked if I will volunteer there. I of course accepted and some people from this youth club will be there. I just hope I can help these young people and change them the way the people here have changed me.

I just know one thing no matter how many years pass, I’ll never forget these past 3 amazing years!

One More Week

So as some of you might know a youth club I go to for young people with Asperger’s is shutting in one week. This weekend will be our last residential and while I can’t wait I don’t want it to happen because it means that it’s coming to the end of the club. I’m going to miss it so much and I always cry after the sessions at the club because as much as I love it, it’s hard to think that we’re one week closer to when it will all end. I understand that there are closures and budget cuts all around the country but the government don’t fund this because it’s not worth it. This place saved my life and I know others there feel this way. This is the only club in the region for people with Asperger’s and it’s getting shut. I just don’t know how to cope with it gone…

School’s Out

Hey everyone so last week I finished school for six weeks for the summer. So many people really enjoy school breaking up. I mean there’s no teachers moaning, no homework, no early mornings and days to relax and do what you please. But in some ways I hate the summer holiday’s yes I’m made up with all those things above but I hate no structure. I have no structure or routine and I struggle to cope without it. I always try to keep some continuity in my holidays like waking up at the same time or going to bed at the same time.

Another thing is with my depression if I don’t get out everyday I just end up getting depressed. So I always try to do one thing a day even if it’s just taking the dogs on a walk. It is hard, but I need to make the most of it as I’ll not get these summer holidays for much no longer.