Is it so bad?

This year there was an outbreak of Measles in the UK. Many people did not get the MMR jab that protects you from Measles so this was starting to spread. I overheard girls talking on my table in a lesson and one said they hadn’t been vacinated as a child. She simply replied that her parents didn’t want her to be autistic.

No I know some people may think what on earth does Measles have to do with Autism. Well in the early 2000’s a scientist said that the MMR vaccine was causing children to become autistic because children in the UK get the vaccine at the same time when most children get diagnosed with Autism. Many parents refused to get their children vaccinated as they didn’t want them to become autistic. Both me and my sister were given the vaccines when we were supposed to have them as children as my mum thought it was worth the risk.

The MMR jab protects children against measles, mumps and rubella and just two injections as a child protect you for life. For a child to get meales, mumps or rubella is hard. They are highly infectious, serious and can be fatal. I don’t understand why Autism is so bad that they would risk all that so their child wouldn’t have autism. It’s once again down to the lack of awareness surrounding Autism. Some of the most amazing people I know have autism and I’d never want them to change.

Please if you’ve not had your child or you yourself have been immunized, then get it. There is no proof that the MMR jab causes Autism.


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