Start of a long tiring journey.

Today is going to be the start of a long journey for me and my family. Last year when I was in Sixth Form I joined up to do the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Sadly it didn’t go well, the teacher organising it did not give me the help. Then the day before one of my A Level exams the teacher asked me to come up to the school alone to tell me I’m no longer allowed to do it. This is a week after she sent letters home to my friends about a trip, who then asked me if I got one causing me panic. This is just one of numerous failings by this teacher.

So today is the day when we’re starting to contact the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in the hope the School is no longer able to do it. They failed me badly and caused me a lot of stress to where I was having to take sedatives on the days I was doing my A Level exams. I never want this to happen to some one else, that’s why we are starting this.


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