I recommend: Adam (film)

The film poster for Adam

Adam is a film about a young man named Adam (Hugh Dancy) who has Asperger’s Syndrome and is living alone in Manhattan after the death of his father. He meets Beth (Rose Byrne) a school teacher who has just moved into the apartment block. Adam and Beth begin to get to know each other and Beth discovers more about the world Adam lives in. The 2009 Comedy-Drama is written and directed by Max Mayer who said he was inspired to write the story after he heard a man on the radio talking about his Asperger’s.

I love this film and I love the relationship between Beth and Adam. When looking around on internet forums for people with AS I see that people often say this is one of the most accurate fictional portrayals of AS. The film highlights the best parts of AS and some of downs this is why I think it’s great, because it is so balanced. The film also shows the positives about people who love someone with sacrifices and the sacrifices they make.


4 thoughts on “I recommend: Adam (film)

  1. I watched this movie shortly after my son had his diagnosis with my husband. We both liked it. I think it’s particularly good that it doesn’t have a romantic happy ending, hollywood style but it still felt encouraging and hopeful enough. =)

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