50 Facts About Me

So I always see the 50 facts tag on youtube so I thought I would do one for my new youtube channel. So I’m going to film this tomorrow and post it but I thought I put a shortened version of it.

1. Favourite TV show is Criminal Minds

2. I also like Casualty, Holby City, Downton Abbey and Friends

3. I love history

4. I don’t have my ears pierced

5. I went to an all girls secondary school (11 – 16)

6. I don’t drink tea or coffee my wake up is diet coke, pepsi max stuff like that

7. I don’t like talking in front of audiences

8. I have Asperger’s Syndrome

9. I’m allergic to something but I don’t know what it is

10. I love dance

11. I’m very short

12. I love to write

13. I want to be a writer when I’m older

14. My lucky number is 14

15. If I won the lottery I would set up a youth club for young people with Asperger’s Syndrome

16. I hate horror movies

17. I love youtube

18. I have to listen to instrumental music when revising

19. My favourite time of the year is Christmas

20. I love ice cream but I only like vanilla

21. I have ketchup with almost anything

22. The person I’m mos closest to is my sister

23. My favourite fruit is oranges and I eat them 24/7

24. I love to watch documentaries only crime and history ones though

25. I hate talkin on the phone, I don’t mind texting or talking face to face

26. My birthstone is a sapphire

27. I love going on youtube

28. I’m girly

29. My favourite film is Titanic

30. I love anything Disney

31. My favourite films when I was a child were not Disney. They were Anastasia (it’s Fox not Disney) and Titanic (yes I watched Titanic as a child if I didn’t copy any ‘naughty’ words)

32. I love tradition

33. Faith is an important part of my life

34. I’m currently retracing my family tree and I’ve got back to 1899

35. My favourite periods of history are the Tudors and Titanic

36. My celebrity crush is Shemar Moore

37. My first celebrity crush was Leonardo DiCaprio

38. I love reading

39. My favourite genre of books are Historical Fiction or Non Fiction History

40. I can’t say the word statistics

41. I have 5 pets

42. I love collecting perfume bottles

43. I wish I could wear high heels ( I can’t wear to high ones)

44. I did English Literature for one year and still can’t spell literature (I used spell check here)

45. My most important possession is my memory box

46. My least favourite part of my body is my arms (because they’re scarred)

47. I’m trying to grow my hair really long to donate

48. My pet peeve is bad representations of Asperger’s in the media

49. I love to colourise black and white pictures

50. I love to collect anything to do with Titanic

If you have done the 50 fact about me tag then please show me so I can have a look. If you haven’t you should have ago, I didn’t realise how hard it would be to do this.


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