Second Love

When I was little my favourite singers where S Club 7, Steps and Westlife.  My favourite was Shane from Westlife he was one of my second celebrity crush, my first was Leonardo DiCaprio. Tonight my family were sat watching the X Factor and one of the guest stars was Shane from Westlife! I couldn’t believe it.  I have not listened or thought about Westlife in Donkeys Years. So when Shane came on it brought back memories when me and my cousins all picked a member out of Westlife each we were going to marry. I remember how we would imagine a big quintuple wedding and how we could remember every song. I love thinking about memories and I love moments like this that bring back memories I have forgotten about. So tonight I went up to my room, shutting the door tight. I started dancing around my room to Uptown Girl like back when I was a little girl pretending Westlife where singing to me.

Todays little moments become tomorrows memories


5 thoughts on “Second Love

  1. well,he’s a real handsome man—and ,is a very special person—and ,he is very seductive with his, great acting skills—so,don’t feel weird,half the planet has a crush on this man—–lol

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