Jealous of a Laptop

I have started writing my book on Asperger’s, so today I have spent so long sat here typing away. Looking at the progress I’ve been making I’ve been impressed Buddy on the other hand has not been. According to Buddy I have not been stroking him enough, despite the fact I’ve took the on a walk and played fetch for half an hour before I started my work. As I was sat here typing away Buddy came and started putting his head under my hand, he always does this when he wants stroking. I carried on typing, just so I could finish a paragraph, but Buddy was not taking no for an answer instead he comes over and sits on my laptop. Basicly saying stroke me ’cause you’re not typing. So I gave Buddy cuddles and played a bit more with him. I then go to finish off with so more writing again to find where Buddy lay on the keyboard he’s created his own chapter.


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