Sticky Tape?!

When I was depressed, I needed a coping mechanism. That’s when I turned to self-harm. Many people don’t understand why people do it or why they can’t stop, but just like smoking and drugs self-harm can become an addiction. Thankfully I was able to stop, and it’s been over a year since I last had thoughts of self-harm let alone actually doing it.

Unfortunately my past has left with a collection of scars near my left wrist. These scars are very noticeable and I often get questioned on them, to which I tell people that they are from when I fell over in the past. But many don’t believe me. I even had one girl ask me every time we got into a conversation because she didn’t believe my explanation I gave her. But I’m glad I didn’t give into her pressures like I had done in the past and she never found out the truth. But I hate lying especially to people I’m close to and my family.
But my mums a nurse and she said that on the NHS you can get it covered up. So today I went to my Dermatology Hospital appointment. When I got in the room I was made up to find out that the doctor I was seeing was my GP up until she left the practise when I was 14. I loved seeing her again and she was really helpful. She’s assessed me and found out I qualify for this study to get make up to cover up my scars. But she also said she wants to try this other thing that she normally gives out to people in my position. So I put my left arm and I was shocked when she stuck what looks like sticky tape on my arm. My mum explained that this can help with scarring. It has hidden my scars but I now have to walk round looking like I’ve stuck cello tape to my arm.
At least I only have to wear it for 24 hours


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