Facebook Rant!

I love using Facebook for three main reasons:

  1. I can chat to family and friends simply and for free. This is especially useful for my relatives who live in America and Australia.
  2. I can find out what people are getting up to
  3. I can get more lives on Candy Crush

But sometimes things about Facebook to rile me up. Over the weekend I went away so I couldn’t watch the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I have loved Doctor Who for years now and have seen even the old ones, so I was devastated I couldn’t watch it on Saturday. But what got on my nerves the most was I couldn’t go on Facebook until I had seen it. I can understand that people want to talk about it but they don’t have to put on the whole story line. I also made the stupid mistake of going on Facebook early on this week and found out a character had died on another show. Not saying who to ruin it for anyone. It was not even a special episode  of this show like the Doctor Who one and To people really have to post “OMG ____ dead!!!!!!!”. It just winds me up how people do this.

Is this a problem for me or do other people find this really annoys them?


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