5,00 Words? Is that all?

Today I was carrying on doing my Extended Project (EPQ) to help me get into university. I’m doing it on Henry VIII and Stalin. I remember when i was starting it I asked my tutor how my words and she told me 5,000. I remember getting so cared and wondering how U would do it as I never wrote an essay that long before. 

But today I was checking my word count and I am on 2,570 words excluding contents page, foot notes, comments of my tutor etc. I am now really worried as I have so much more to write about. My tutors told me not to as she will be able to tell me what to take out and it’s always easier to have to much and take stuff out rather than not enough and have to bulk it out. So she has put my mind at ease. 

I just think its so wierd the way 3 weeks ago I was worried I wouldn’t write enough and now I think I’m going to go over.


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