I recommend: House Rules (book)

This is a book by Jodi Picoult probably most famous for her book, My Sister’s Keeper. When Jess Ogilvy is found dead, police think its foul play. Whilst inspecting those closest to Jess suspicion soon falls on Jacob Hunt. But Jacob is no ordinary 18-year-old he has Asperger’s and Jess was is Social Skills Councillor. All the traits of AS make Jacob seem guilty. Avoiding eye contact, admitting to tidying up the crime scene, his obsession with forensics.

This book is not only a good portrayal of AS but makes the reader start to look deeper into Jacob’s character and see if things really are what they seem on the outside. Jodi also writes so that we see the story through the eyes of Jacob, Emma (his mother), Theo (his brother) and the people working on the case. Through is interesting story that has you hooked we see AS through the eyes of someone with it and people in the world around them.


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