Pranking my sister

Last month I found out that I broke up on thursday the 19th and my sister found out that week that she broke up on the wednesday. So for weeks Jess would tease me about the fact that she finished a day earlier. Jess was finished a day earlier as the school had her year doing exams for the last two weeks before they broke up. But then last week I found out that I was breaking up on the wednesday, it was also the day that Jess found out that she was finishing on thursday. 

The roles were reversed. All I could say to Jess was karma. Jess was determined that she was going to finish on wednesday which my parents were ok with it because her teachers said they were just going to watch films. But when my mum decided to have a joke with our Jess. When my mum was picking me up she said that we should tell Jess she is going in to school. Jess had a strop on most of the night moaning and complaing through till thursday morning. It’s safe to say that Jess was annoyed to find out we were messing with her.

I’m now getting ready to prank my dad when he comes home from his christmas night out 😉


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