I Got An Offer!!

To understand this post your probably going to have to know a bit about applying for university in the UK so I’m going to give a brief description. You fill out this form on UCAS website. Then you add a personal statement (which is unbelievably hard) and get a reference of a teacher then you pick up to 5 choices of where you want to go or what course. Then UCAS will send it off to the your choices. You’ll then get either conditional offers or get rejected (conditional means if you get the right grades then you can get in).

I sent off 4 choices and today I got my first offer!!! It was my second choice. I really like this university it’s the course I want, it’s in the same city I live and they help people with Asperger’s. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I hope I get more. But if not I’ve still got my second choice.

I even said to one of my tutors that my christmas wish was to get an offer. So my Christmas wish has come true 3 days early. Well Done Santa!


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