Today we did the annual Christmas shop. This is were we go as a family to a local supermarket and get everything we need, food wise, for Christmas. This is a massive shop as not only do we get shopping for Christmas but we cover over a week.

This shopping trip normally goes pretty much the same. We get two trolleys, my mum and dad get stressed, my sister does her impression of turkey and I throw things I like in the trolley. my dad always says at the beginning that we can get treat food as its Christmas, it’s just he gets a few surprises at the checkout. I bet today he didn’t expect 5 tubs of Ben and Gerry’s (in my defense normally they are a rip off but they were half price today and they are AMAZING).

I do love the big Christmas shop as it means Christmas is getting close. But I can’t believe how hectic it get’s. It still amazes me every time we go. We have to get there at 8:30 and I’ve even at that hour I’ve never seen it that busy.


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