The Real Gift From God

I have spent so many hours writing this post. Everytime I write something I just delete it as it doesn’t seem perfect.

I assume most people here will be doing there last preparations for Christmas, probably excited for Christmas in two days. But for us today is a horrible reminder of what is not here. Today is the 25th anniversary of the death of my dad’s mum, my nanna. Some of you may realise through reading my blog that I’m 18 thus never meeting my nanna. But the truth is I miss her so much. People say you can never love someone you’ve never met, but that’s completely wrong. I have grown up hearing the stories about my nanna and her love for her grandchildren.

I remember awhile back when I was walking round the library, I saw a baby name book. I couldn’t help myself but to look up the names of everyone I knew and took pictures to show my family. One name I found and took a picture of was my nana’s name. It means Gift From God. A meaning my family have found fitting as she truly was a gift from God.

I love and miss you nana. Your always in my heart ❤


2 thoughts on “The Real Gift From God

  1. That’s beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard around the holidays after the loss of a loved one. It never seems to go away. It’s bearable, but our hearts still ache. It is tough when a loss happens near a holiday or celebration. Their absence makes the loss that much more obvious. She must have been a great woman to give your dad some wonderful memories and stories to pass along to you.

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