Would you think that in the UK people with diagnosed health issues who ask for help don’t receive treatment.

Or how someone with an urgent referral of A&E got left for three weeks without even one word.

Well the sad thing is it happens constantly but it never makes the headlines. Do you know why, it because it’s mental health patients. If this happened to people with physical ailments there would be an uproar. But it’s mental health so people just want to brush it under the carpet. You may not believe me but it’s true even this week the deputy prime minister admitted it, even when he did it was just a little small side story.

This is the thing that makes me so ashamed to be part of this society!


Lessons Learned

It is true when they say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. Today I learnt that lesson when I got some bad news. So here are a few lessons I’ve learned today.

1) Never take anything for granted

2) Make time for your family.

3) Let your family know that you love them everytime you can.

“I understand”

These two words can mean so much to me but a few weeks ago it came from someone very close to me.

In one of my favourite TV shows their was a story line with someone having the same mental illness as me. Whilst it was hard for me to watch I noticed it was very accurate. But it wasn’t till the end when my sister said “I understand”. These two simple words strung together meant so much.

After the diagnosis the relationship between my sister and I made our relationship strained. But after this episode our relationship improved. Through it I was able to see what my sister has had to go through. And likewise she was able to see how frightening and confusing it can be for me.

I just hope this is a new start for me and my sister.

I have the right to know my history

A few months back I started looking back at my family history. For me it’s something I love doing it as it’s combining the most important thing in my life, my family, and my favourite subject, history. But for me it’s something I’m not able to do for one main reason cost.

Today my sister asked me about are family history for a school project. She had to write about someone who contributed in WWI. Whilst I know two of our great grandfathers took part in two significant moment in WWII and we had an uncle who worked in bomb disposal in Germany during the Cold War. I don’t know anyone who helped with the Great War. It’s hard for me knowing the centenary is coming up and relatives of mine will have helped but my sister or I can’t honour them!

I find it terrible how I’m not even able to know where I have come from. To me that feels like its a right of mine.

If anyone knows any way of helping find out if anyone served in the war for free. I know the year of birth and names of people who were old enough to serve at the time.

Spoke too Soon

Today has been a bad day. A few weeks ago I put a post about how I was finally getting the help I needed. But in was proved wrong, since that post we have not heard anything even though my referral of the A&E was an urgent one. Even when my mum tried to contact the number she could not get hold of anyone 4 days straight. We’re hoping that we can get this sorted by the end of next week but I don’t hold much hope.

Do my ears look straight?

Since I was meeting some friends tonight I thought I better take my dogs on a walk this morning. Unfortunately as I was walking Charley got stuck in a bush, I did manage to free him but the result was a big bit of stingy leaves stuck in the hair in is ears.

When I got home I tried everything I could to get them out but nothing would work. I knew the only solution was to cut it out. But the thing is because of the breed of dog Charley he is hair on his ears is really long and part of the distinctive traits of he breed is the appearance of long ears. His hair is so much longer that his ears can look about twice the length they are. It killed me to cut it out but I had to.

But the as I saw him go off playing I noticed one ear was dramatically longer than the other. So my sister and I had he task of trying to cut the other ear constantly trying to figure out whether his ears looked straight. And after 10 minutes of eyeing up and trimming we think we have got it.

Do my ears look straight?

Do my ears look straight?

Inner Peace Award

I was browsing through comments I’ve recieved on this blog as they always make me feel amazing and I came across one that I have missed. It was off Anna who is one of my favourite bloggers and she is truly amazing. I felt so bad that I’d missed Anna’s comment as it was so sweet and she nominated me the WordPress Inner Peace Award.

When I think of inner peace it’s not something that I normally associate with myself but it’s something that I am striving towards and I hope this can spur me on further.

For me Inner Peace is something different for everyone.Everyone’s feeling of inner peace is different. And now it’s time for me to nominate some amazing people who I think deserve this.