One of my biggest fears is the dentist. I am that scared that just for a basic filling I had to get a type of anaesthetic where I was awake but I was unaware of anything going on and my pregnant dentist came in on her day off to do it.

So last week when I got told by mum we where going to the dentist I was struck with fear. I tried using every excuse to get out of it but nothing. My anxiety was worsened when I got into the dentists office and found out that my old dentist had left and I was getting a new one. My mum managed to keep me fairly calm. And just before I got into the chair she asked my mum about notes she saw I had Aspergers but she had no idea what it was. My mum explained how my AS May effect me going to the dentist e.g. New dentist or my senses and the numbing cream. I was so glad that my dentist is just as nice as my old one and she try’s to help.


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