De Ja Vu (I hope I’ve spelt that right)

Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of people who I haven’t seen for awhile.
First I saw two extended relatives at the bus stop and when I smiled and said hi they thought I was a weirdo. It wasn’t until I said its me Abbie that they clocked on. We had a great laugh reminiscing in old memories of how I used to sit in their dog Russell’s bed.
Then it was a friend who I was close to in secondary school but she went to a different college. I also found out that the girls from my old sixth form still gossip about me but I don’t mind as they’re the ones still stuck in that sixth form.
Third I saw a girl who I used to have a lot classes with. I saw this girl in college and she’s changed so much.
Finally today I saw my neighbour in on the bus. This lady used to live next door to me for over ten years so it was great for me to see her.
I loved seeing loads of new people that I haven’t seen in a while. Well some I haven’t seen in years.


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