The Youth These Days

Today I was on the bus and some people sat behind me. Now I’m sorry but if your going to sit behind me and shout down my ear I can’t ignore it. These to people were all talking about how youth nowadays get everything handed to them on a silver plate and are spoilt rotten. I know that not everyone is like what I’m saying but I know teenagers who get up of a Saturday morning to volunteer at a charity shop. I also know teenagers who spend three hours every Monday helping run a safe place for young people with autism. I know children who do anything for their mum because she’s recently had an operation. I know a child who helps look after his younger sibling as their dad walked out. I could go on and on but do these kids sound spoilt.

Trust me I’ve met some incredibly spoilt kids and teens but there are so many who aren’t. I remember watching a tv show the other day about police and half the show they complained about youths. We need to get rid of this stereotype. While there are some they are not the majority and that’s what we need to think about.


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