It’s the pink and orange coat fiasco again

At tea tonight me and my family were discussing redecorating my sisters bedroom, we then got onto to getting a TV for her. Then my dad said oh hasn’t Abbie got your TV. Referring to my big chunky TV in my room. I went immediately on the defensive, I have had this TV for years (it’s really old you should see how thick it is), but it’s screen is a god size and everything works perfectly. But my dad insisted it was bought for my sister. But I can remember I got it for Christmas to go up in my room, as me and Jess now had our own rooms and 1 TV. I can remember my dad getting me an ariel and I thought “OMG I’m so grown up cause I can get BBC1 and ITV on my TV”(you could get , BBC2 and Channel 4 on fine and Channel 5 was just static but I didn’t watch them). I can even remember my first saturday and after tea I shot up to my room and my parents asked if I wanted to watch Casualty on the main TV but I wanted to watch it in my den. After about 10 minutes of poor quality I decided to watch it downstairs. But the DVD worked fine so I still loved my TV just not the ariel. By now at the dinner table I was going mental as my dad and sister said I was wrong.

But this just reminds me of the pink and orange coat fiasco. When we were out at a family meal it got up on conversation about why my mum used to dress us in the same clothes but different colours. My sister gave the example of how she had an orange leather coat and I had a pink one. But they were wrong. My whole family said I was going loopy when I was saying it was the other way round. But I could clearly remember wanting a pink one but in the shop they only had one pink one in my size but it had a stain on so I got the orange one (which I was not happy with). So when I immediatly got home I went searching for pictures and I finally got it, a page out of a scrapbook I made when I was about 8. I took a picture and immediately posted it on facebook (the rest of my family had to nip out to the shops but I wanted them to know right away).

So tonight reminded me of that and now I’m going to spend hours going through old video footage trying to prove I was right. But there is two things this experience has taught me. One my parents can’t tell me or my sister apart. Two my memory is amazing.


The photo of the scrapbook page. And if my parents needed any more help I labelled it when I was 8, not long after the picture was taken. I think I must have liked myself more as I labelled my self in cursive.


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