Every year each school or college in the UK will get inspectors visiting. For me I get just as nervous as my tutors do at the thought of it. A few weeks ago my college hired some inspectors to observe every tutor at least once. Part of the observation is when they will ask pupils one to one. They ask stuff like is your teacher helpful, approachable? do you enjoy the lesson? do you learn stuff? For me I dread this so much. I feel like I’m being interrogated like a person stood up in the dock like on a show like Law & Order (only ever watched that like twice but it was all I could think of). And the inspectors we had in like to talk at least to students, which is even worse considering there is 3 of us in one lesson. So I think I’m probably going to spend the next few weeks hoping and praying that inspectors don’t ask me.


2 thoughts on “Inspectors

  1. Abbie, I understand how hard it is when it feels as if someone is interrogating you. I have a problem when I go to the eye doctor and they flip around little lens things and ask me which one I can see through better. I’m always afraid that I will say the wrong thing.

    If you speak from the heart, with honesty, there is nothing to fear. Easy for me to say because I’m not having the same experience. However, every time I am placed in a situation when I have to answer questions, that is what I always remember—speak honestly and from the heart. Good luck! Sometimes the anxiety over the possibility of being asked is worse than the actual event.

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