Cure for Bad Days

Today was a bad day for me so many things were going wrong. No matter how hard I tried nothing would go right today. So on my way home from college I searched the internet. When my mum came home I asked her if we could do something together: my mum, my sister and I. To me it didn’t matter what we did just as long as we did something together. As for me family time is the perfect cure for a bad day. We ended up going the cinema, we saw that Delivery Man and it was really good. For me that small cheap (well it was cheap as I can get two for one deal and we took in our own popcorn, don’t judge I’m not paying £3.50 for a SMALL bag of popcorn) little bit of family time has made me a lot more relaxed and happy. Plus it means that I’m not getting to over whelmed and struggling with my emotions.

What do you do to help yourself get over a bad day?


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