Do my ears look straight?

Since I was meeting some friends tonight I thought I better take my dogs on a walk this morning. Unfortunately as I was walking Charley got stuck in a bush, I did manage to free him but the result was a big bit of stingy leaves stuck in the hair in is ears.

When I got home I tried everything I could to get them out but nothing would work. I knew the only solution was to cut it out. But the thing is because of the breed of dog Charley he is hair on his ears is really long and part of the distinctive traits of he breed is the appearance of long ears. His hair is so much longer that his ears can look about twice the length they are. It killed me to cut it out but I had to.

But the as I saw him go off playing I noticed one ear was dramatically longer than the other. So my sister and I had he task of trying to cut the other ear constantly trying to figure out whether his ears looked straight. And after 10 minutes of eyeing up and trimming we think we have got it.

Do my ears look straight?

Do my ears look straight?


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