I have the right to know my history

A few months back I started looking back at my family history. For me it’s something I love doing it as it’s combining the most important thing in my life, my family, and my favourite subject, history. But for me it’s something I’m not able to do for one main reason cost.

Today my sister asked me about are family history for a school project. She had to write about someone who contributed in WWI. Whilst I know two of our great grandfathers took part in two significant moment in WWII and we had an uncle who worked in bomb disposal in Germany during the Cold War. I don’t know anyone who helped with the Great War. It’s hard for me knowing the centenary is coming up and relatives of mine will have helped but my sister or I can’t honour them!

I find it terrible how I’m not even able to know where I have come from. To me that feels like its a right of mine.

If anyone knows any way of helping find out if anyone served in the war for free. I know the year of birth and names of people who were old enough to serve at the time.


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