Warm Weather Blues

It’s warm weather again now. This is unusual as we normally have cold whether and rain till summer and even then we still get a lot of rain in the summer. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad to have a break from this terrible weather as it’s been bad recently. Where I live we haven’t had bad floods like some parts of the country but the other week we had bad wind and a red weather warning (the worst kind).

But I hate warm weather. I used to love it as a kid, when it used to spend all day out and save all my money for the ice cream van. But no I hate it. My self harm scars are really noticeable on my arms so when there’s warm weather I’m still stuck warning long sleeves. It makes warm weather unbearable and it makes people start to question. I remember when I was in sixth form even in the soaring heat (well it was roasting for England) I still had to wear my jumper in the heat and it actually used to make me physically unwell.

People would see my scars and think attention seeker not thinking about what I must have been going through to hurt myself.


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