Different Not Less

As it was getting close to the end of March I realized I had £20 left of Christmas money. Whilst all my other Christmas money went into the bank the relatives who gave me this asked me to by myself something nice with it. So three months later I knew I needed to get myself something. Since I didn’t have many pieces of jewelry I thought I’d get myself a nice necklace or a bracelet with it. I wanted to get something unique, that describes me and goes with most things.

I was struggling to find my self something nice on the internet when my mum told me to click an add on the side of the page. This brought me up a page of a woman in the US who makes personalized jewelry and I loved her designs and knew I’d probably end up buying something from here. Half way through looking through I found a necklace for autism and asperger’s and I fell in love with it immediately.  I loved how the owner of the shop promotes Autism awareness by putting on a sale. Today it arrived in the mail and I think if you look in the picture below you will probably find this necklace is perfect for me. And I’ve got £1 to go and get my self two 50p mixes with 🙂

(click here to view the shop)




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