Fishy Friday

Today is Good Friday and because I’m a practicing Catholic I don’t eat meat today, which my parents hate. My mum and dad aren’t religious like me but respect my decisions.However my mum hates that I don’t eat meat today and on Ash Wednesday. I’m a very picky eater and don’t like many food that would give me the nutrients I needed to not eat meat. So every Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are the same for me. I have french toast for breakfast, fruit salad for lunch and fish and chips from the chippy. For me it reminds of back when I was at school when the school only used to serve fish and chips on Fridays for the whole year. I don’t get why my mum says that I should have this plan of food for the day but my mum gave me a really good reason for it. Back when I was six my cousin (in his mid twenties) was babysitting me and my sister on Good Friday. For the whole day he literally fed my prawn cocktail skips as he couldn’t think of anything that was vegetarian for me to eat. While both me and my mum find it funny she doesn’t want me to get stuck on food to eat again. I can see the reason and besides I can’t complain tonight where having a chippy tea.


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