Happy Easter

This weekend is a very important one for me. As part of the religion I believe in this weekend is the most important one of the year and for the whole of Friday and Sunday I have had a candle lit in my room. So for me this weekend is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and remembering the sacrifice he made for us. But for me it’s also about being with my family. When we visit relatives giving out eggs we always end up having a drink and catch up. So with out even realising it we are spending time with family. For me this will also be a time to see family who I haven’t seen recently because I’ve been busy. So this year I’m going to really cherish the time with my relatives and I’m going to be able to relax and chill out. Something I’ve not been able to do. But also today it’s the first time my whole immediate family have been able to sit down and have a meal together. So at lunch we will also be celebrating my recent release of a new book Sunken Dreams. Which because it is one of the most important days of the year I’ll be putting it on sale for two weeks.

I wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope you enjoy it doing whatever you do on Easter šŸ™‚


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