St George’s Day

Today is St George’s day and I love it. I always like to show off my patriotic spirit because as much as I know England is not perfect I’m really proud to come from here. Today I’ll be wearing red, white and blue. Or any combination of those colours. And also I’ll have to have a full English breakfast except for no egg and black pudding, because I don’t like them.

I hate that England does not celebrate St George’s day very much. I wish we celebrated today like the Irish celebrate St Paddy’s day or how Americans celebrate the 4th of July. Never makes since why the American’s put their dates month then day where as on 4th of July they put is day then month.  Anyway back on track. I wish England would celebrate St George’s day more.

I remember when I was little my mum used to tell me the story of St George and how he beat the Welsh dragon that was sent to destroy England (bet you now know why the dragon’s on the Welsh flag). And that’s how come the patron saint of England is George. I remember my mum would then show me the ring that she always wears (and still does to this day) depicting St George slaying the dragon. So there you have what I think and you’ve also learnt two things that you may not have known/realised;

1)American’s write 4th July different to every other day of the year

2)The Dragon on the welsh flag is suppose to represent the one that was killed by St George


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