World Cup

Tonight England is versing Uruguay in the World Cup. Ever since I was a little I’ve always been a girly girl but there was nothing I liked better than watching football. Football is the most popular sport here in England so you do see many people with England flags out (we do as well). This match is the second one that England are playing in the World Cup (we got beat 2-1 by Italy on Saturday/Sunday), but for me it,s the first one I’m watching. Early Saturday morning I had to go to hospital because of an infection so i was to tired to stay up all night watching the match. But tonight I’m looking forward to sitting down and watching the match. I just hope we win otherwise that’s the end of the World Cup for us.

Thankful for their sacrifice

Today marks 70 years since the first D Day landings. I know how blessed I am to live in England and how we are safe. I have many relatives who have served my country.
– My dad was in the RAF
– My paternal grandad was serving in the army in Greece during WWII
– One of my maternal great-granddads was one of the British soldiers who liberated Bergen Belsen
– My maternal grandad served in the British Army
– My maternal uncle was working in the bomb disposal unit in West Berlin during the Cold War

Today I remember all those who gave their lives so that we have the freedoms we have to day.

All finished

Yesterday was my last A2 exam, I only had two. But still it was hard as I know all my hard work through out the year depended on these two exams. But there all over now. Hopefully I’ll pass these exams which means that in September I’ll be in university. If I pass that means I’m through with college and school. I’m very excited. I’m nervous about my results but there’s nothing I can do so I’m just going to enjoy my summer holidays until I find out my results and hopefully I will be heading off to uni in the autumn.