Harassed by Dominos

Today I was in college. My bus stop is at the end of the road that my college is on (it’s only a short road). Today I was agitated when I got home. On my way into and college and backed I got stopped 12 times. On a small road I got stopped 12 times, I mean really why. I had headphones in to play music so that the bus is not to loud when I’m on it and people actually grabbed my arm to ask me if I want a free pizza. And when I said no they preceded to barter with me.

I know with Aspergers I don’t like physical contact with strangers but I’m pretty sure some with out Aspergers would have been fuming. It was literally that bad.

Special Birthday Message

Yesterday I turned 19 and I got so many birthday wishes off friends and family, but there is one that stands out from all the rest. I was sat at home when my mobile started ringing with an unusual number. It was not a number my phone recognised and it had and it was an international number. I was nervous to answer it but when I did I heard a man asking if this was Abbie. I of course said yes and asked who it was. It was when the caller said it was my cousin John calling to say my birthday that a smile broke out on my face. If you read my previous post you might know my cousin John is in Afghanistan. I couldn’t believe that he went to the effort to call me up and wish me a happy birthday. It was truly the most special birthday message I’ve had.

Good Luck John

Tomorrow my big cousin is making a huge sacrifice. He’ll be away for six months missing; his daughters 6th birthday, his anniversary and Christmas and New Year with his family. He will come back just 15 days before his second child is born, but there is a chance that he could miss that as well. All of this because tomorrow he flies out to Afghanistan.

My cousin, his wife and young daughter are making a huge sacrifice just so that many can have freedom. So people don’t have to live in persecution and fear.

To my Jonny Bravo,
Good luck. We are all so proud of you and will miss you so much. Your two babies are proud to say I’ve got a hero for a daddy. We are back here in England cheering you on. We promise to write and send you lots of sweets and chocolate, that’s the least you deserve. Just please try and come back safe. See you soon John.
All my love Abbie x