Paint Dilema

So for my birthday my parents got me a model to make (I’ll post more about it when I’m done). Today I was at my uncles and he asked me about it. I said it’s going great, I’m enjoying it and I’m getting proud of all I’ve done. My one downside was a ran out of the reddy purply paint. Why do they make you spend money on the model say the include paints and then make you buy more?

That’s where my mum butted in. She claims I would have had enough paint if I hadn’t started painting while watching TV. (It was a big bit and didn’t need close attention to paint) Because while painting I got shocked causing me to knock my paint over and spill it all over my mums wooden floor and cream walls.

In my defence I normally don’t get spooked at NCIS and I did by more paint out of my own money. Oh yeah and I did clean my mums wall and floors, you cannot tell that any paint was ever there.


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