Happy Birthday Daddy

This year I’m making sure I have all the ingredients ready. Good brand of bacon and sausages, nice coffee not the cheap stuff, free range eggs from our chickens collected while their still warm, a funny card off my sister and a sentimental one off me and finally a few presents.
This year I’m so determined to make sure my dad has a really good birthday because we had a big celebration for my sister and where doing something big for my mums. I know they both had big landmark birthdays this year. I still can’t believe my baby sisters 16, I feel so old. Hang on I can’t believe I’m 19, yikes I’m getting old. Anyway back on track. So because of my sisters and my mums landmark birthdays where not doing much for mine and my dads. So this year I’m making sure all the little things are perfect so he feels special.
Because my dad is my amazing and I love him so much so I want him to know how we feel about it.
We also made him a birthday cake which may I say looks pretty good for two amateurs. I’m very impressed at my little Everton badge.



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