Hurricane Tail End

As I’m sure many of you know hurricane Gonzalo’s has been going through America. Now the rememenants of it have hit the UK. I am basal outlying dreading it as I was waiting at the train station for 20 minutes there was: gale force winds, sunny weather, thunder and lightning and finally hail stone. This is only the end of October normally it is not this bad. The train was also over ten minutes late because it had to stopped because of high winds.

I’m genuinely worried that the weather is going to get bad and the trains will be cancelled, if so that’s me stuck in town till someone can collect me. I also hope it doesn’t thunder and lightening again because thunder scares me. With my AS loud noises scare me and I no that if I hear thunder today I could go into a breakdown. I pray I don’t go into a break down in college or on my way home because I don’t have anyone to help me.


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