The suitcase with the broken wheel

In our house we have about six, suitcases all various sizes, colours and shapes. When it comes to packing there’s always a scramble on who gets what case. My sister normally, goes for the pink one, my mum the navy and my dad the black one. But me I always go for the one with the wonky wheel. My parents can’t see why as we have got two other perfectly fine ones I could use. I always tell them every time that it’s because I don’t like change, but really it isn’t.
You see this suitcase is half the weight of the other five. I know it’s not a massive distance but for a girl that can mean a few more dresses or pair of shoes. So I’m so happy that today when we got the suitcases down for my holiday next week no one knew the really reason why I was so insistant on using the suitcase with the broken wheel.


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