What do I pack?

Today I’ve started packing for my holiday, but it’s becoming the most stressful thing ever. Because of two reasons.

It’s the end of October. Normally by the middle of September most of my summer clothes (we have to keep a few summer clothes down as the British weather does like to go crazy but even then when don’t keep much down) are stored up in the loft out of the way to make way for winter clothes. So I’m now having to crawl through the dusty loft, pick clothes I like, wash them, let them dry overnight (because we have to hang them by the heaters to dry so you can’t dry as many at once), iron them and then pack them. It’s such a long process. Longer than summer, when we can try clothes on the line outside and when we don’t have to crawl through the loft to find that top we wanted. So to say this is stressing me out is an understatement.

It’s the end of October. Most of the time we go away in Summer. So I have no idea what the weather is going to be like in Spain now. My mum says I’ll need plenty of cardies as it will be chilly but I was looking at pictures of when we went away to Spain for New Year. In the pictures we are at the beech paddling, even my mom, dad, uncle and auntie are to who went with us. So now that has me confused, is my mum being over dramatic or has climate change really changed Spanish weather that much.

As I’m sure you can now tell I feel like ripping my hair out about now I’m that stressed, I tell you what this holiday better be worth it.


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