Half Term Homework

I honestly can’t remember this feeling. Finishing for a week off and not one piece of homework! Normally when we finish I’m hammered down with homework. But today I finished for a week and have no homework.

I understand homework stops us from forgetting everything when were off for a week. But we need that week. The whole point of a half term is to be able to have a breather and get refreshed for the next few weeks, yet we can’t do it if we are spending half are time doing homework. (Literally we spend half our time doing homework).

In psychology are teacher didn’t mention one thing about home work when we finished our land mark assessment on Tuesday. So no one was going to tell her that she had forgot to set us any.

In history our tutor told us that he felt we had worked hard and adapted well to the transition to college so he thought we deserve the break. To which we all were extremely grateful to.

Then finally in sociology we were told that we had to finish the research projects that were given to us at the beginning of October. However I’ve already finished mine and handed it in today so I officially have no homework!!!!

I am honestly so excited and I’m looking forward to half term for the first time in years.


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