Best bit of therapy

2 yeas ago my depression was at it’s worst I self harmed on a daily basis and suicide attempts were regular. As Christmas drew nearer my parents wanted to get my sister a present for being so amazing at this time and me one to help make me a bit better.
They decided on gettig a dpg a dream Christmas present fpr me and my sister. Except we both had different favourite breeds. Eventually my mum convinced my dad to get us one each. So on Christmas morning 2011 me and my sister got the shock of our lives.

I couldn’t believe it I had a dog not one but two. Ever since that morning these dogs have helped in ways no one else could. Without them I literally would not be here today they are my life.

Many blogs I follow about people with AS have pets. I now understand it pets are the best therapy in my opinion. For me I love them because they love me uncoditionally. When they look at me I know they don’t any different than anyone else. They are always there for me and they are the best companion.

So this is a post for my two boys Buddy and Charley who I love unconditionally ❤





Aspie Advice

I recently saw a video that my friend made a while back. She interviewed 3 workers at the Autistic Spectrum Inclusion Project and 4 young people with AS. One of the young people interviewed was me. I remember doing the interview with my friend about 2 years ago. Sadly the club were this was filmed and is spoken about often in the video closed down in august. I was there when Sam was filming Jess and Becky’s interviews but this is the first time I’ve seen it in full. Sam told me this is the proudest thing she has done and I think it should be, this is amazing. I hope we have managed help anyone who watches this video.

Please watch it and let Sam know what you think of it, because she worked exceptional hard on this.

School’s Out

Hey everyone so last week I finished school for six weeks for the summer. So many people really enjoy school breaking up. I mean there’s no teachers moaning, no homework, no early mornings and days to relax and do what you please. But in some ways I hate the summer holiday’s yes I’m made up with all those things above but I hate no structure. I have no structure or routine and I struggle to cope without it. I always try to keep some continuity in my holidays like waking up at the same time or going to bed at the same time.

Another thing is with my depression if I don’t get out everyday I just end up getting depressed. So I always try to do one thing a day even if it’s just taking the dogs on a walk. It is hard, but I need to make the most of it as I’ll not get these summer holidays for much no longer.

Messed up

In the county I live in there is only one youth club for young adults with autism. In 2011 the population was 1,381,200 and statistics show that 1 in 100 people have an autsitic spectrum disorder. So one youth club for all them people does not make sense. Especailly when you find out the local government give the club no funding and it relies soley on charitable donations.

I have been going to this club for three years now and it has changed my life. I would not be the person I am today if it was not for the club.

But sadly in August the club is shutting because of lack of funding. There is no other one to go to. Me (and others) have tried going to youth clubs for anyone and ones just for people with disabilities, but both types I hated I felt unwanted and there and was picked on in the general youth club. So this one for people with Aspergers is so vital.

Do you know why the government refuse to fund it? Because it only helps people with autism or aspergers. Autism is a socail disability, people have problems communicating. That’s why they need that extra help to communicate with the other clubs don’t do.

There is a general youth club just down the road from us, they have gyms a brand new multi-sports facility and sound proof rooms full of music equipment (even though we are in a recession) Continue reading

5 things I wish you knew

When I was 14 I was told I had Aspergers a form of Autsim, since they people make assumptions and judge you. This is the 5 things I wish people knew about Autism and Aspergers

1) You can’t see it, just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not their.

2) I’m not a robot. Just because I’ve got autism doesn’t mean I don’t have emotions. I get said, I love, I get happy.

3) I’m not broken I don’t need to be fixed.

4) Autism or Aspergers doesn’t define me. I have autism but autism doesn’t have me.

5) Individuals with autism are individuals, just because we have autism doesn’t mean where all the same.

Doctor Who & Titanic

I’ve always watched Doctor Who. I’ve seen every episode from episode numero umero to barmy Eleven, the Ponds/Williams/Songs and the mystery of Clara Oswin Oswald. I was devastated when I heard Matt Smith was leaving, especially Fish Fingers and Custard. But I’ll always remember that bow ties are cool and so are fezes. But I know Matt Smith will always remain a big british icon because of his role as the eleventh doctor. I’m made up to see Matt Smith putting his fame to amazing use by raising awareness for Autism and Aspergers XD Matt Smith is auctioning a tea date with him for autism charities in the UK.

My specialist subject is Titanic (People with Aspergers tend to be obsessive over 1 subject which I’ve lovingly nicknamed my specialist subject). And one of my favourite films is the James Cameron 1997 one. It has me sobbing most the way through and I love seeing Leonardo DiCaprio. I love both his and Kate Winslets performances are amazing. And both of them are mega movie stars all over the globe. Like Matt Kate used her fame to promote a good cause. She researched, created a documentary and a charity for autism. With the motto being ‘Honouring Intelligence’.

I’m so thrilled to see two of my favourite starts raising awareness and money for people with Autism and Aspergers.

Have you heard of autism?

When girls found out I had Asperger’s Syndrome, they would ask what is it? I’d tell them it was a part of the autistic spectrum. To which they would stare back at me with even more confusion on their face. No pupil in school has ever known what autism was without me explaining it to them.

But they all have known what AIDS, diabetes and cancer are.

Yet more children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with AIDS, diabetes, and cancer combined.

How come most people have heard about AIDS, diabetes and cancer. Yet barely anyone knows about autism. I just get annoyed I mean to get me wrong I feel lucky that I don’t have AIDS, diabetes or cancer. But I get upset that I don’t get supported and  I am sick of people being horrible to me just because they don’t know about Aspergers.

There needs to be more awareness and fundraising to help people with autism and their family.