Second Love

When I was little my favourite singers where S Club 7, Steps and Westlife.  My favourite was Shane from Westlife he was one of my second celebrity crush, my first was Leonardo DiCaprio. Tonight my family were sat watching the X Factor and one of the guest stars was Shane from Westlife! I couldn’t believe it.  I have not listened or thought about Westlife in Donkeys Years. So when Shane came on it brought back memories when me and my cousins all picked a member out of Westlife each we were going to marry. I remember how we would imagine a big quintuple wedding and how we could remember every song. I love thinking about memories and I love moments like this that bring back memories I have forgotten about. So tonight I went up to my room, shutting the door tight. I started dancing around my room to Uptown Girl like back when I was a little girl pretending Westlife where singing to me.

Todays little moments become tomorrows memories

I promise I won’t forget

I love writing stories and I want to be an author when i grow up. But I’ve never wrote a poem. So I thought I would give it ago. Here’s my first poem. Please let me know what you think.

I promise I won’t forget all the things we’ve shared
Going to the park and swinging so high we could touch the sky
The grass stained knees as we ran through the fields
Trips to the sea when we’d chase seagulls along the beach
Playing princesses and pirates with swords and shields
Clapping our hands together to childish little rhymes
These are the memories I’ll never forget
For now your all grown up going to make your mark
I’ll give a hug to my best friend
And a kiss to my little sister

Childhood Memories

I was looking back the other day at photographs and childhood memories came flooding back to me. So I thought I would do a top 10 list of my favourite childhood memories (up to 10).

  1. Seeing my little sister for the first time
  2. Going crab catching in New Brighton
  3. Going on muddy walks in big lake
  4. Playing chippy in nans back garden
  5. Sleepovers at Uncle Andy’s and Auntie Carol’s(we did so much fun them nights)
  6. Our holiday’s in Majorca
  7. Going to the caravan
  8. Watching videos we shouldn’t (yes it was before DVD’s were out and it was mostly Austin Powers we watched)
  9. Running down stairs to see if Santa had brought us presents (I still wish I thought Santa was real)
  10. Playing in the wendy house