Christmas Eve & Songs

So tonight today is Christmas Eve and tonight I’ll be gathered round playing games with my family in my new Christmas PJ’s, listening to Christmas music in the background. Because of this tradition I thought I’d show you my list of my top 10 Christmas songs

Fairy Tale of New York by The Pogues & Kristy McColl

Christmas Song by Pheobe Buffay

Power of Love by Gabrielle Aplin
I know what you’re thinking that this song as not one mention of Christmas or is Christmassy. But this song was used as an advert for a major shopping chain in the UK last year so it’s often associated with that. Plus the meaning of Christmas is love.

Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade

I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday by Wizzard

Somewhere  In My Memory by John Williams

Do They Know It’s Christmas Time by Band Aid 

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey

Step Into Christmas by Elton John

I hope you liked listening to my favourite songs and what is your all time favourite Christmas Song?


Today we did the annual Christmas shop. This is were we go as a family to a local supermarket and get everything we need, food wise, for Christmas. This is a massive shop as not only do we get shopping for Christmas but we cover over a week.

This shopping trip normally goes pretty much the same. We get two trolleys, my mum and dad get stressed, my sister does her impression of turkey and I throw things I like in the trolley. my dad always says at the beginning that we can get treat food as its Christmas, it’s just he gets a few surprises at the checkout. I bet today he didn’t expect 5 tubs of Ben and Gerry’s (in my defense normally they are a rip off but they were half price today and they are AMAZING).

I do love the big Christmas shop as it means Christmas is getting close. But I can’t believe how hectic it get’s. It still amazes me every time we go. We have to get there at 8:30 and I’ve even at that hour I’ve never seen it that busy.

Pranking my sister

Last month I found out that I broke up on thursday the 19th and my sister found out that week that she broke up on the wednesday. So for weeks Jess would tease me about the fact that she finished a day earlier. Jess was finished a day earlier as the school had her year doing exams for the last two weeks before they broke up. But then last week I found out that I was breaking up on the wednesday, it was also the day that Jess found out that she was finishing on thursday. 

The roles were reversed. All I could say to Jess was karma. Jess was determined that she was going to finish on wednesday which my parents were ok with it because her teachers said they were just going to watch films. But when my mum decided to have a joke with our Jess. When my mum was picking me up she said that we should tell Jess she is going in to school. Jess had a strop on most of the night moaning and complaing through till thursday morning. It’s safe to say that Jess was annoyed to find out we were messing with her.

I’m now getting ready to prank my dad when he comes home from his christmas night out 😉

Panto Time!

It’s not Christmas without a Panto and tonight I’m going to see one I’m going with a youth club for young people with AS. It’s going to be a local one (like where it’s written by a local author and based in the city) and they tend to be the best. I went to see a local Panto a few years back and I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish. But this will be the first time I’m going as a volunteer which is something I’m really excited about. So wish me luck.

Also let me know if you’ve been to see a Panto this year, what have been your favourite? Or can you remember your first one? My first one was all the way back in 1997 when I was 2. My mum decided to take me all by herself to see Peter Pan despite being 7 months pregnant. I can imagine how fun that was.

IT’S CHRISTMAS! (almost)

So today is the 1st December which means one thing. It’s almost Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year and it’s the 1st of December when I start the countdown. My family and I have now started getting presents and are planning all our Christmas activities. I also love that I’ll have a lot more free time to go and spend time with my friends and I can’t wait to go ice skating with them.

And the best thing about advent is chocolate every morning! YAY!