All finished

Yesterday was my last A2 exam, I only had two. But still it was hard as I know all my hard work through out the year depended on these two exams. But there all over now. Hopefully I’ll pass these exams which means that in September I’ll be in university. If I pass that means I’m through with college and school. I’m very excited. I’m nervous about my results but there’s nothing I can do so I’m just going to enjoy my summer holidays until I find out my results and hopefully I will be heading off to uni in the autumn.


Every year each school or college in the UK will get inspectors visiting. For me I get just as nervous as my tutors do at the thought of it. A few weeks ago my college hired some inspectors to observe every tutor at least once. Part of the observation is when they will ask pupils one to one. They ask stuff like is your teacher helpful, approachable? do you enjoy the lesson? do you learn stuff? For me I dread this so much. I feel like I’m being interrogated like a person stood up in the dock like on a show like Law & Order (only ever watched that like twice but it was all I could think of). And the inspectors we had in like to talk at least to students, which is even worse considering there is 3 of us in one lesson. So I think I’m probably going to spend the next few weeks hoping and praying that inspectors don’t ask me.

5,00 Words? Is that all?

Today I was carrying on doing my Extended Project (EPQ) to help me get into university. I’m doing it on Henry VIII and Stalin. I remember when i was starting it I asked my tutor how my words and she told me 5,000. I remember getting so cared and wondering how U would do it as I never wrote an essay that long before. 

But today I was checking my word count and I am on 2,570 words excluding contents page, foot notes, comments of my tutor etc. I am now really worried as I have so much more to write about. My tutors told me not to as she will be able to tell me what to take out and it’s always easier to have to much and take stuff out rather than not enough and have to bulk it out. So she has put my mind at ease. 

I just think its so wierd the way 3 weeks ago I was worried I wouldn’t write enough and now I think I’m going to go over.

New Start

So this week I’ve started a new college. It was really stressful at first as I was half way through my A Levels so swapping over was an issue. But now I’m here I wouldn’t change it.  I couldn’t believe the amount of support I was given. On my first lesson a teacher asked me to stay behind so she could compare what I did last year to what this class did. In the conversation my AS came up. The teacher immediately admitted she didn’t know much about AS and asked for any good reading materials so she could learn. I’ve never had a teacher do anything like that for me before and that little thing put the biggest smile on my face. Mostly because I felt like I mattered something I’ve not felt in school ever (not even in primary). I just hope all this success can continue and I can get the grades for university.