Cure for Bad Days

Today was a bad day for me so many things were going wrong. No matter how hard I tried nothing would go right today. So on my way home from college I searched the internet. When my mum came home I asked her if we could do something together: my mum, my sister and I. To me it didn’t matter what we did just as long as we did something together. As for me family time is the perfect cure for a bad day. We ended up going the cinema, we saw that Delivery Man and it was really good. For me that small cheap (well it was cheap as I can get two for one deal and we took in our own popcorn, don’t judge I’m not paying £3.50 for a SMALL bag of popcorn) little bit of family time has made me a lot more relaxed and happy. Plus it means that I’m not getting to over whelmed and struggling with my emotions.

What do you do to help yourself get over a bad day?

It’s the pink and orange coat fiasco again

At tea tonight me and my family were discussing redecorating my sisters bedroom, we then got onto to getting a TV for her. Then my dad said oh hasn’t Abbie got your TV. Referring to my big chunky TV in my room. I went immediately on the defensive, I have had this TV for years (it’s really old you should see how thick it is), but it’s screen is a god size and everything works perfectly. But my dad insisted it was bought for my sister. But I can remember I got it for Christmas to go up in my room, as me and Jess now had our own rooms and 1 TV. I can remember my dad getting me an ariel and I thought “OMG I’m so grown up cause I can get BBC1 and ITV on my TV”(you could get , BBC2 and Channel 4 on fine and Channel 5 was just static but I didn’t watch them). I can even remember my first saturday and after tea I shot up to my room and my parents asked if I wanted to watch Casualty on the main TV but I wanted to watch it in my den. After about 10 minutes of poor quality I decided to watch it downstairs. But the DVD worked fine so I still loved my TV just not the ariel. By now at the dinner table I was going mental as my dad and sister said I was wrong.

But this just reminds me of the pink and orange coat fiasco. When we were out at a family meal it got up on conversation about why my mum used to dress us in the same clothes but different colours. My sister gave the example of how she had an orange leather coat and I had a pink one. But they were wrong. My whole family said I was going loopy when I was saying it was the other way round. But I could clearly remember wanting a pink one but in the shop they only had one pink one in my size but it had a stain on so I got the orange one (which I was not happy with). So when I immediatly got home I went searching for pictures and I finally got it, a page out of a scrapbook I made when I was about 8. I took a picture and immediately posted it on facebook (the rest of my family had to nip out to the shops but I wanted them to know right away).

So tonight reminded me of that and now I’m going to spend hours going through old video footage trying to prove I was right. But there is two things this experience has taught me. One my parents can’t tell me or my sister apart. Two my memory is amazing.


The photo of the scrapbook page. And if my parents needed any more help I labelled it when I was 8, not long after the picture was taken. I think I must have liked myself more as I labelled my self in cursive.

Pranking my sister

Last month I found out that I broke up on thursday the 19th and my sister found out that week that she broke up on the wednesday. So for weeks Jess would tease me about the fact that she finished a day earlier. Jess was finished a day earlier as the school had her year doing exams for the last two weeks before they broke up. But then last week I found out that I was breaking up on the wednesday, it was also the day that Jess found out that she was finishing on thursday. 

The roles were reversed. All I could say to Jess was karma. Jess was determined that she was going to finish on wednesday which my parents were ok with it because her teachers said they were just going to watch films. But when my mum decided to have a joke with our Jess. When my mum was picking me up she said that we should tell Jess she is going in to school. Jess had a strop on most of the night moaning and complaing through till thursday morning. It’s safe to say that Jess was annoyed to find out we were messing with her.

I’m now getting ready to prank my dad when he comes home from his christmas night out 😉

Panto Time!

It’s not Christmas without a Panto and tonight I’m going to see one I’m going with a youth club for young people with AS. It’s going to be a local one (like where it’s written by a local author and based in the city) and they tend to be the best. I went to see a local Panto a few years back and I couldn’t stop laughing from start to finish. But this will be the first time I’m going as a volunteer which is something I’m really excited about. So wish me luck.

Also let me know if you’ve been to see a Panto this year, what have been your favourite? Or can you remember your first one? My first one was all the way back in 1997 when I was 2. My mum decided to take me all by herself to see Peter Pan despite being 7 months pregnant. I can imagine how fun that was.

Taking hold of the Wheel

Today I had my first ever driving lesson. And I didn’t crash! XD I’m so proud of myself today as I have never drove a car before so how far I came today made me so happy. I just hope that I can continue my success in my lessons.

Today it’s going to be a short post as I’ve just been hectic but I have something I want to let you all know. Thank you for everyones kind messages after my dad was rushed into hospital yesterday. Thankfully today the doctor said that the only things could help him was rest and medication, he also said that because of that he can come home. So tonight I’m sat down on the couch arguing with my dad. I want to watch Casualty but my dad says he’s had enough of hospitals , I hoping I can win him round by cooking him some pancakes 😉

I promise I won’t forget

I love writing stories and I want to be an author when i grow up. But I’ve never wrote a poem. So I thought I would give it ago. Here’s my first poem. Please let me know what you think.

I promise I won’t forget all the things we’ve shared
Going to the park and swinging so high we could touch the sky
The grass stained knees as we ran through the fields
Trips to the sea when we’d chase seagulls along the beach
Playing princesses and pirates with swords and shields
Clapping our hands together to childish little rhymes
These are the memories I’ll never forget
For now your all grown up going to make your mark
I’ll give a hug to my best friend
And a kiss to my little sister