IT’S CHRISTMAS! (almost)

So today is the 1st December which means one thing. It’s almost Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year and it’s the 1st of December when I start the countdown. My family and I have now started getting presents and are planning all our Christmas activities. I also love that I’ll have a lot more free time to go and spend time with my friends and I can’t wait to go ice skating with them.

And the best thing about advent is chocolate every morning! YAY!

Titanic, Turkey and Spag Bol! Oh My!

So last week I came back from an amazing holiday. It is the first time I have been abroad with my family in 5 years. Me and my sister were made up to have our own room and made sure we got first pick.

We went to the Hotel Titanic in Turkey. It was amazing. People who know me well know I am obsessed with anything Titanic so this place was paradise to me. Everywhere we went in the hotel was still in theme, the hotel was even in the shape of a boat.

My favorite bit had to be on channel 3 it had the film Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio on continuous replay. I loved it my sister not so much as she know jokes about how she knows the script inside out. The film was also shown on a TV above the lifts. One time I was waiting for the lift when my favourite scene came on, I got so distracted I missed the lift.

It was all inclusive and they used to have a big selection of food every night and they changed most of the meals slightly every night so that you wouldn’t be eating the same the thing over and over again. I’m very picky on food and like a lot of plain stuff, so I wasn’t to keen on most of the stuff. But the did do Spaghetti and then either Tomato or Bolognese sauce. So from the first night I’d get a selection of food to try, then once I tried it I’d get a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. I’m proud of myself for trying knew things.

Another thing I’m proud about is spending all day in the sea. I’ll normally go paddling but I tend to get scared when it gets deeper. But on holiday I did really well I even went out further than I could stand. I wish I was still in Turkey, but no I’m home at least I’ve got my dogs.

School’s Out

Hey everyone so last week I finished school for six weeks for the summer. So many people really enjoy school breaking up. I mean there’s no teachers moaning, no homework, no early mornings and days to relax and do what you please. But in some ways I hate the summer holiday’s yes I’m made up with all those things above but I hate no structure. I have no structure or routine and I struggle to cope without it. I always try to keep some continuity in my holidays like waking up at the same time or going to bed at the same time.

Another thing is with my depression if I don’t get out everyday I just end up getting depressed. So I always try to do one thing a day even if it’s just taking the dogs on a walk. It is hard, but I need to make the most of it as I’ll not get these summer holidays for much no longer.