Jealous of a Laptop

I have started writing my book on Asperger’s, so today I have spent so long sat here typing away. Looking at the progress I’ve been making I’ve been impressed Buddy on the other hand has not been. According to Buddy I have not been stroking him enough, despite the fact I’ve took the on a walk and played fetch for half an hour before I started my work. As I was sat here typing away Buddy came and started putting his head under my hand, he always does this when he wants stroking. I carried on typing, just so I could finish a paragraph, but Buddy was not taking no for an answer instead he comes over and sits on my laptop. Basicly saying stroke me ’cause you’re not typing. So I gave Buddy cuddles and played a bit more with him. I then go to finish off with so more writing again to find where Buddy lay on the keyboard he’s created his own chapter.

Best bit of therapy

2 yeas ago my depression was at it’s worst I self harmed on a daily basis and suicide attempts were regular. As Christmas drew nearer my parents wanted to get my sister a present for being so amazing at this time and me one to help make me a bit better.
They decided on gettig a dpg a dream Christmas present fpr me and my sister. Except we both had different favourite breeds. Eventually my mum convinced my dad to get us one each. So on Christmas morning 2011 me and my sister got the shock of our lives.

I couldn’t believe it I had a dog not one but two. Ever since that morning these dogs have helped in ways no one else could. Without them I literally would not be here today they are my life.

Many blogs I follow about people with AS have pets. I now understand it pets are the best therapy in my opinion. For me I love them because they love me uncoditionally. When they look at me I know they don’t any different than anyone else. They are always there for me and they are the best companion.

So this is a post for my two boys Buddy and Charley who I love unconditionally ❤





I promise I won’t forget

I love writing stories and I want to be an author when i grow up. But I’ve never wrote a poem. So I thought I would give it ago. Here’s my first poem. Please let me know what you think.

I promise I won’t forget all the things we’ve shared
Going to the park and swinging so high we could touch the sky
The grass stained knees as we ran through the fields
Trips to the sea when we’d chase seagulls along the beach
Playing princesses and pirates with swords and shields
Clapping our hands together to childish little rhymes
These are the memories I’ll never forget
For now your all grown up going to make your mark
I’ll give a hug to my best friend
And a kiss to my little sister