Every year each school or college in the UK will get inspectors visiting. For me I get just as nervous as my tutors do at the thought of it. A few weeks ago my college hired some inspectors to observe every tutor at least once. Part of the observation is when they will ask pupils one to one. They ask stuff like is your teacher helpful, approachable? do you enjoy the lesson? do you learn stuff? For me I dread this so much. I feel like I’m being interrogated like a person stood up in the dock like on a show like Law & Order (only ever watched that like twice but it was all I could think of). And the inspectors we had in like to talk at least to students, which is even worse considering there is 3 of us in one lesson. So I think I’m probably going to spend the next few weeks hoping and praying that inspectors don’t ask me.

Pranking my sister

Last month I found out that I broke up on thursday the 19th and my sister found out that week that she broke up on the wednesday. So for weeks Jess would tease me about the fact that she finished a day earlier. Jess was finished a day earlier as the school had her year doing exams for the last two weeks before they broke up. But then last week I found out that I was breaking up on the wednesday, it was also the day that Jess found out that she was finishing on thursday. 

The roles were reversed. All I could say to Jess was karma. Jess was determined that she was going to finish on wednesday which my parents were ok with it because her teachers said they were just going to watch films. But when my mum decided to have a joke with our Jess. When my mum was picking me up she said that we should tell Jess she is going in to school. Jess had a strop on most of the night moaning and complaing through till thursday morning. It’s safe to say that Jess was annoyed to find out we were messing with her.

I’m now getting ready to prank my dad when he comes home from his christmas night out 😉

Start of a long tiring journey.

Today is going to be the start of a long journey for me and my family. Last year when I was in Sixth Form I joined up to do the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. Sadly it didn’t go well, the teacher organising it did not give me the help. Then the day before one of my A Level exams the teacher asked me to come up to the school alone to tell me I’m no longer allowed to do it. This is a week after she sent letters home to my friends about a trip, who then asked me if I got one causing me panic. This is just one of numerous failings by this teacher.

So today is the day when we’re starting to contact the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme in the hope the School is no longer able to do it. They failed me badly and caused me a lot of stress to where I was having to take sedatives on the days I was doing my A Level exams. I never want this to happen to some one else, that’s why we are starting this.

New Start

So this week I’ve started a new college. It was really stressful at first as I was half way through my A Levels so swapping over was an issue. But now I’m here I wouldn’t change it.  I couldn’t believe the amount of support I was given. On my first lesson a teacher asked me to stay behind so she could compare what I did last year to what this class did. In the conversation my AS came up. The teacher immediately admitted she didn’t know much about AS and asked for any good reading materials so she could learn. I’ve never had a teacher do anything like that for me before and that little thing put the biggest smile on my face. Mostly because I felt like I mattered something I’ve not felt in school ever (not even in primary). I just hope all this success can continue and I can get the grades for university.

School’s Out

Hey everyone so last week I finished school for six weeks for the summer. So many people really enjoy school breaking up. I mean there’s no teachers moaning, no homework, no early mornings and days to relax and do what you please. But in some ways I hate the summer holiday’s yes I’m made up with all those things above but I hate no structure. I have no structure or routine and I struggle to cope without it. I always try to keep some continuity in my holidays like waking up at the same time or going to bed at the same time.

Another thing is with my depression if I don’t get out everyday I just end up getting depressed. So I always try to do one thing a day even if it’s just taking the dogs on a walk. It is hard, but I need to make the most of it as I’ll not get these summer holidays for much no longer.

Get Out of Jail Free Card

So the school have gave me a ‘get out of jail free card’, this basicly means I only have to show my teacher this and they immediatly excuse me from my lesson. It means no more explaining and no more big fuss when I have to leave a lesson because I’m struggling to cope.

They also designated a small room off the chapel just for me to go in and calm down in. It has a small desk in so I can also carry on with some walk. Another plus is that because of it’s location it’s very quiet so I won’t be disturbed nor will I run into the chance of people seeing me there. Also my faith is a big part of my life and I find comfort in it so maybe it might help considering it’s part of the chapel.

I’ve not had a chance to use my card yet but I think that it’s a good idea. So I thought maybe share it as it may help others who for one reason or another sometimes struggle being in classroom of people. I hope this helps 🙂